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Voters in the Atlanta Media Market and across Georgia need to read and see that William Boddie understands the challenges Georgia families are going through, and as Labor Commissioner, he will ensure everyone is able to access the services they need to find a job or advance their careers.
William Boddie grew up in a working class family. His parents taught him the value of hard work – and he never forgot it. From bagging groceries, to loading baggage into airplanes on the hot Atlanta airport tarmac, eventually getting his law degree, opening a business, and being elected as a State Representative – William Boddie, like so many other Georgians, has worked hard his entire life. Now he wants to work for you as Labor Commissioner. Under Republican leadership, working Goergians have been ignored and left behind. Boddie understands the value of a good job, and will make sure all of us have a chance to succeed no matter who they are or where they live in Georgia. workers.

Opening the Doors – During the greatest unemployment crisis in our lifetime, Republicans kept unemployment offices closed and left phone lines unanswered. To this day, many offices remain closed. This is unacceptable. Boddie will reopen every office so everyone in need can access the employment assistance they deserve.
Job-Ready Georgia – We need to be doing more to provide vocational training and apprenticeship opportunities for our young people, so hey can “earn as they learn” and be ready for the jobs of he future. Boddie will provide more and better access to vocational training in employment offices and in local communities as well.
Prioritizing Organized Labor – Boddie will end attacks on unions who are fighting for us – higher wages, safer workplace conditions and the rights of workers. He will stand with unions who stand for us.
Streamlined Online Portal – Finally, Boddie will help employers get connected with the talent that exists to fill the thousands of open jobs right now. Boddie will create a streamlined portal to ensure that all small businesses in Georgia can fill jobs and efficiently connect with Jobseekers and Veterans.

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