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Georgians Need SolutionsOpen More Career Centers Throughout Georgia

As your Georgia Labor Commissioner, Representative Boddie will be dedicated to opening more Career Centers throughout the State of Georgia. Currently, there are 159 counties with only 42 Careers Centers in Georgia. With the population growth, it is simply not enough Career Centers throughout the state to adequately address the needs of Georgia Workers. Georgians who reside in some rural areas may not have access to broadband internet, which is a significant disadvantage when filing unemployment insurance claims and trying to access online services of the Georgia Department of Labor website. Unfortunately, with a low number of Career Centers serving multiple counties, many Rural Georgia Workers have to drive long distances to these facilities. Without access to broadband internet, these Georgia Workers have no access to online services from the Georgia Department of Labor without long commutes to their nearest Career Center.

Georgia Workers residing in the Urban, Suburban, and Coastal areas are also faced with long commutes to access Career Centers for in-person services and inquiries. All Georgia residents deserve to have adequate access to Career Centers operated by the Georgia Department of Labor.