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Legislative Accomplishments

Representative William Boddie passed 27 bills in six years as a Democrat in the Georgia General Assembly. With those pieces of legislation, Representative Boddie has either been the lead sponsor or a lead co-sponsor on bills ranging from repealing the Citizens Arrest Statute in Georgia; to passing a Municipal Option Sales Tax (MOST) that would allow the cities of East Point, College Park, and Hapeville to call for a referendum to implement a 1-cent sales tax to improve the wastewater and sewer infrastructure in those cities. Representative Boddie has a proven track record for advocating for legislation and policy initiatives that will not only benefit his constituents of House District 62 but legislation and policy initiatives that will ultimately benefit all Georgians.

As Georgia Labor Commissioner, Representative Boddie will continue to use his advocacy skills, steadfast dedication, and relentless work ethic to fight for policy initiatives and administrative procedures that will benefit all Georgians and put Georgia Workers First.

Rep. Boddie Arguing Against Limited Medicaid Waiver and Arguing for Full Medicaid Expansion in Georgia

PBS Lawmakers Legislative Day 37: Sexual Harassment Law 03.29.22

HB 1331 GA Labor Commissioner Takeover Bill – House Chamber Day 27 03.1.22

Rep. Boddie Protecting Frontline Workers During COVID-19 Pandemic and speaking against House Bill 112

Special Guest on Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) “Lawmakers” on Legislative Day 26 of the Georgia General Assembly (03/09/20)

Special Guest on Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) “Lawmakers” on Legislative Day 23 of the Georgia General Assembly (2021)

Georgia House Well-Speech in Support of HB 479 (“The Citizens Arrest Repeal Bill”)

Whip William Boddie on CNN Discussing Georgia Keeping White House Task Force’s Spread Warning Secret (08/14/20)


Legislative Bills Passed

(1) HB 160 (2021) Revenue and Taxation/MOST:



(2) HB 236 (2021) Domestic relations:



(3) HB 445 (2021) City of South Fulton; Change Corporate Boundaries:



(4) HB 479 (2021) Criminal Procedure; Revise Certain Arrest Powers; Provisions/Citizens Arrest Repeal Bill: 



(5) HB 921 (2020) City of South Fulton; Revise Provisions Regarding City Attorney:



(6) HB 984 (2020) Criminal Procedure; Sentencing; Change Provisions



(7) HB 1019 (2020) City of South Fulton; Offices of Mayor and Councilmember are part-time; Provide



(8) HB 1216 (2020) City of Union City; Ad Valorem Tax; Provide Homestead Exemption



(9) HB 1217 (2020) Middle Chattahoochee Regional Water and Sewer Authority Act; Enact



(10) HB 329 (2019) City of South Fulton; Redevelopment Powers Law; Provide for a Referendum


(11) HB 423 (2019) City of South Fulton; Ad Valorem Tax for Municipal Purposes; Provide New Homestead Exemption



(12) HR 259 (2019) Johnny Tolbert III House Study Committee on Heat-Related Injuries, Cardiac Injuries, and other Sports-Related Injuries; Create



(13) HB 453 (2019) Douglas County; Redevelopment Powers Law; Provide for a Referendum



(14) HB 611 (2019) City of South Fulton; Levy an Excise Tax


(15) HB 664 (2019) Georgia Judicial Retirement System; membership for certain persons employed in certain full-time positions requiring admission to the State Bar of Georgia as a condition of employment; Require



(16) SB 1 (2019) “C.J.’s Law”; Penalty for Hit and Run Accidents That Result in Serious Injury; Provide



(17) SB 29 (2019) Waiver of Immunity for Motor Vehicle Claims; Definition to Clarify Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff, Other Agent, Servant, or Employee of Sheriff’s Office; Include



 (18) HB 869 (2018) Fulton County Industrial District; Repeal Amendment



(19) HB 1030 (2018) Douglasville, City of; Redevelopment Powers Law; Provide for Referendum



(20) HB 1063 (2018) City of South Fulton; Limit Authority of Mayor and City Council Over Personal Matters



(21) HB 453 (2017) County Law Library; Board of Trustees; Add Chief Judge of Magistrate Court



(22) HB 603 (2017) Fulton County; State Court; Modify Compensation of Judges



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