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Why I’m Running


I am running for Georgia Labor Commissioner because it is time for a change in leadership at the Georgia Department of Labor. After I saw how much Georgians in need struggled due to the slow response from the Georgia Department of Labor, I decided that a change was needed. The COVID-19 Pandemic exposed that the Georgia Department of Labor’s technology is antiquated and the Department is unable to support our Georgia Workers in need, who lost their jobs due to no fault of their own. Georgians deserve a Labor Commissioner who puts the needs of Georgia Workers first.

Representative Boddie’s first step to putting Georgians first will be to modernize and convert the department’s website and technological infrastructure to a completely web-based system. These necessary upgrades will dramatically speed up the processing of unemployment insurance claims so that all eligible claims can be paid in a timely manner and allow for appeals for unemployment insurance claims to be reviewed more efficiently. He will also focus on increasing workforce development opportunities by implementing robust (re)training programs to help recover jobs that were lost during the pandemic. Lastly, Representative Boddie will evaluate and open additional Career Centers across the state with a focus on rural and coastal counties to provide greater accessibility to and better customer service from the Georgia Department of Labor.

Platform Initiatives

When faced with critical decisions as Georgia Labor Commissioner, Representative Boddie will focus on Georgia Workers as a top priority. Representative Boddie will always be committed to doing what is in the best interest of all Georgia Workers.

1 Commited to Putting Georgia Workers First

Representative Boddie will focus on Georgia Workers as a top priority.

2 Timely Processing & Payment of Eligible Unemployment Insurance Claims

Rep. Boddie will install new technology, hire additional staff, and implement new policies & procedures.

3 Providing Quality Customer Service & Accessibility to Georgia Workers

Georgia Workers deserve quality customer service from their Georgia Department of Labor.

4 open more Career Centers throughout the State of Georgia

With the population growth, it is simply not enough Career Centers throughout the state to adequately address the needs of Georgia Workers.

5 Education & Workforce Development

Rep. Boddie will be a driving force to help shape the 21st-century workforce that meets the needs of current needs of all industries and job sectors in Georgia.


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NEWS: Georgians First Initiative

Rep. Boddie Protecting Frontline Workers During COVID-19



Legislative Accomplishments

Representative William Boddie passed 22 bills in five years as a Democrat in the Georgia General Assembly. With those pieces of legislation, Representative Boddie has either been the lead sponsor or a lead co-sponsor on bills ranging from repealing the Citizens Arrest Statute in Georgia; to passing a Municipal Option Sales Tax (MOST) that would allow the cities of East Point, College Park, and Hapeville to call for a referendum to implement a 1-cent sales tax to improve the wastewater and sewer infrastructure in those cities. Representative Boddie has a proven track record for advocating for legislation and policy initiatives that will not only benefit his constituents of House District 62 but legislation and policy initiatives that will ultimately benefit all Georgians.


(1) HB 160 (2021) Revenue and Taxation/MOST:


(2) HB 236 (2021) Domestic relations: 


(3) HB 445 (2021) City of South Fulton; Change Corporate Boundaries:


(4) HB 479 (2021) Criminal Procedure; Revise Certain Arrest Powers; Provisions/Citizens Arrest Repeal Bill: 


(5) HB 921 (2020) City of South Fulton; Revise Provisions Regarding City Attorney:


(6) HB 984 (2020) Criminal Procedure; Sentencing; Change Provisions


When you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have to speak up. You have to say something; you have to do something.

~ Congressman John Lewis