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In GA, women make 80.5% of a man’s pay (on average)

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The wage gap has never been closed. We need someone with the heart to make a change, the right ideas to solve the problem, and the experience to actually make it happen. William Boddie is the only one who can do that.

Women For Boddie Celebrates National Women’s Month 2022

Women For Boddie – Mary A. Baron

Women For Boddie – Beverly Rice


Why “Women for Boddie”?

I’ve served in the military, both USMC & Army, for a combined total of 24 years… I’ve worked in Corporate America as well in a very demanding profession... Even now as Woman, Minority Business Owner, I’ve experienced numerous encounters where equal pay for women wasn’t equal, wage gaps was clearly noticeable, equal opportunities didn’t exist, equal and safe working environments was merely a topic of conversation.

I stand with “Women for Boddie”, not only for what Representative William Boddie believes in, but for his everyday commitment & drive in ensuring that ALL Georgian workers will be put first.

Kindest regards.

Kai Patterson

I love the mission and believe that great representation via a united front is needed to achieve great things. Thank you for the invite. Praying for great success!

Ms Henderson-Carthen


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